In Harmony with Nature

The comfort of a stay at the fully furnished Ekodio Studios will make it a preferred choice for a long stay for clients/residents.

Ekodio captures the pleasure of Eco pure living in seamless synch with the environment and offers the best facilities and amenities to the clients.

About Ekodio Single Property

The idea of CSR has gained traction within the hospitality industry. Corporate social responsibility means different things to different people. Consequently, at Ekodio Studios, we are developing CSR programs and strategies attempting to boost customer loyalty, conserve environments, reduce social problems and contribute to the development of communities.

Several initiatives include the adoption of linen exchange programs, the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and energy conservation through the installation of energy saving devices are a few to name. Ekodio Suits contributes to sustainability through the implementation of the 3Rs practice of reduce, reuse and recycle.


Water Conservation

→ Dual flushing cisterns installed.

→ Waste water recycling.

→ Rain water Harvesting.

→ Foam flow faucets used to reduce water consumption.

Solid Waste Management

→ Degradable / Bio degradable waste segregation.

→ Plastic / paper / glass / metals (cans) sent for recycling.

Sound Pollution

→ Acoustic enclosures installed for generators / kitchen exhausts.

→ Continuously working to minimizing mechanical noise levels.

Air Pollution

→ Diesel generators with electronic governors to reduce fuel consumption.

→ Local trees planted.

→ Maintain vertical garden and green balconies.

→ Reduced use of plastic.

→ Reverse Osmosis plant in each suite reduces usage of bottled drinking water.

→ Usage of cloth bags & bags made fromnewspapers is encouraged.

→ Biodegradable bags used in the waste bins.

→ Flora & Fauna.

→ Only local trees and plants are planted.

→ Designated areas surrounding Ekodio, is being restored and maintained to a naturally wild condition as a sanctuary for local fauna.

Light Pollution

→ Use of sensory lightening in common areas.

→ Use of led lightening solution.

→ Adequate full-length windows and doors for natural free flow of light.

Fair trade

→ Complied with all labor laws of the state.

→ Where possible, we ensure that products used are not made by child or bonded labor.

→ We ensure that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products & services


travel-savvy consumers are more environmentally aware and that having environmental and social programs in place are a consideration in selecting accommodation.

We at Ekodio Suites,adopt and integrate CSR into our organizational strategies, we can facilitate innovativeness, increase and/or improve our organizational competitiveness, while at the same time contributing to solving problems in society that may arise.

Ekodio Suits has taken the idea of “eco-friendly” to another level, giving guests a “guilt-free” luxury experience.